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Identification & Referral to Improve Safety (IRIS)

IRIS is a general practice-based domestic violence and abuse training, support and referral programme for primary care staff

It is a targeted intervention for female patients aged 16 and above experiencing current or former domestic violence and abuse from a partner, ex-partner or adult family member. IRIS provides care pathways for all patients living with abuse as well as information and signposting for perpetrators.
The Warwickshire IRIS service rests on three "Advocate Educators", one for each of the Clinical Commissioning Group areas in the county. The advocate educator is a specialist domestic abuse worker who is linked to the practices and based in Warwickshire's Domestic Abuse Support Service (commissioned by Warwickshire County Council and provided by Stonham). The advocate educator provides training to the practice teams and acts as an ongoing consultant as well as the person to whom they directly refer patients for expert advocacy. The advocate educator will work in partnership with our local clinical lead to deliver the service model.

General practice can play an essential role in preventing and responding to domestic abuse by intervening early, providing treatment and information, and referring women on to specialist services.
The cost of domestic violence and abuse to health services in Warwickshire is currently estimated at £16.3 million a year.  Abused women are 4 times more likely to experience depression, PTSD and suicidality; they are 15 times more likely to use alcohol and 9 times more likely to use drugs.  Our aim is to significantly reduce both the harm and costs that stem from domestic violence and abuse by introducing the IRIS scheme in Warwickshire.

We are very excited about rolling out IRIS in Warwickshire and are sure that we will see positive improvements to client's safety, physical and mental health, as evidenced in existing IRIS areas across the UK.

To find out more about IRIS, including the evidence base follow this link: IRIS

So far we have recruited the following staff in Warwickshire:

Clinical Lead: Jackie Channell - Designated Nurse for Child Protection, Coventry and Rugby CCG
Tel: 07909 686 106

Advocate Educator: Deborah Duggan, based in Stonham's Domestic Abuse Support Service
Office:  02476 254 591.
Mobile: 07471 217 864.

IRIS will be rolled out across Warwickshire one CCG at a time starting with Warwickshire South in April 2015. The two remaining Advocate Educators are being recruited and will be in place shortly, ready to roll out the scheme to Warwickshire North and Rugby.

For support or queries relating to domestic violence and abuse generally please contact the Domestic Abuse Support Service:
Referrals line for professionals: 0845 155 0376
Domestic Abuse Helpline: 0800 408 1552

In an emergency always call 999


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