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Helpline: 0800 408 1552

Calling the Victim Support helpline - a walkthrough

Before calling, you should know that:

The National Victim Support Supportline number is 0845 30 30 900. If you have hearing difficulties you can call using Victim Support's TextDirect access number on 18001 0845 30 30 900, or call their minicom (or text telephone) number on 020 7896 3776.

You can also email Supportline at - but emails sent to this address will only be answered within the below opening hours.

The Supportline is open: 
- 9am-9pm Mon - Fri
- 9am-7pm Weekends
- 9am-5pm Bank Holidays

Non-mobiles are charged at the local rate, but the number will appear on your itemised bill.  If someone else will see your home telephone bill and you don't want them to know you've phoned Supportline, you may prefer to use a public telephone.  If using a mobile, the number will also appear on a bill and the call will be charged at the usual rate by your provider.

When you call:

  • Your call will be answered by one of Victim Support's trained volunteers who are there to listen.
  • You do not have to give your name and, because it's just a phone call, you're in total control of what's happening.
  • You can end the call at anytime and no one needs to know who you are or where you're calling from - unless you want them to.
  • The volunteers can provide you with help and advice, refer you on or point you in the right direction.
  • Victim Support branches can be found all over England and Wales and you can be referred to you local Branch or be provided with the contact number - whichever you might prefer.
  • If you are referred to or contact a local branch, Victim Support can organise a volunteer to offer continued emotional and practical support - either by telephone or in person.
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