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Helpline: 0800 408 1552

Calling the Warwickshire Domestic Abuse Helpline - a walkthrough

Warwickshire Domestic Abuse Helpline is part of our Domestic Abuse Support Service run by Refuge. Click here for information on the Domestic Abuse Support Service.

Who can call the Helpline?

  • We provide support for anyone from the age of 16 years experiencing, or who have experienced, domestic abuse
  • Friends and family seeking to support those who are experiencing, or who have experienced, domestic abuse
  • Professionals supporting those experiencing domestic abuse
  • The service is free and confidential*

 What number you should use

  • The number to call for support is 0800 408 1552 FREE (but in emergencies people should always dial 999)  
  • Please note that this number will show on an itemised bill
  • The normal opening hours for the Helpline are Mon-Fri 8.30 am to 20.30 pm and Sat 10.00 am to 16.00 pm.  

When you call Warwickshire Against Domestic Abuse helpline trained workers will be able to give you information and advice about domestic abuse and what is available in Warwickshire to provide you with the support you need.

  • You do not have to give your name if you don't want to
  • You are in control, you can put the phone down at any time
  • The trained worker is there to listen.
  • If you are wanting to leave home because you are being abused by the person you are living with, or if you are being harassed or threatened at home by an ex-partner, they can:
  • Give you help and advice on what services are available for you
  • Provide information and details of local services who can provide support and guidance
  • Be able to refer you to other agencies who can offer support and guidance
  • Be able to offer advice on emergency housing and signpost to counselling services.
  • Book an appointment with one of our support workers.
  • Support is tailored to meet the needs of each individuals

* Any information given is treated in the strictest confidence (unless there are serious concerns around the protection of children or vulnerable adults).

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