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New Virgin phones help domestic abuse victims

Warwickshire Police have been presented with 50 free mobile phones by Virgin for use by Domestic Abuse victims.

The phones will be loaned to victims who do not have their own mobile offering them another way of contacting the police and other agencies and helping to improve victim and family safety.

Sergeant Simon Timerick who manages the Domestic Abuse Team at Warwickshire Police explained "We are grateful to Virgin as this gift helps ensure that a victim of domestic abuse will be able to contact us in an emergency even if their own phone has been damaged, they cannot afford their own or their current phone is needed as part of the investigation process. It also provides greater peace of mind to the victim.

"The mobile phones are provided to victims on a temporary loan basis where during the investigation into a domestic incident it becomes apparent that the victim could have trouble contacting the police in an emergency.

"We have already used this new facility to improve the safety of over 30 victims of domestic abuse."

Julie Sullivan, Corporate Community Safety Manager of Warwickshire County Council added "This will be a vital line of communication for victims of domestic abuse in Warwickshire. Being able to contact someone like the police urgently, will help prevent incidents of domestic abuse. Warwickshire County Council welcomes any initiative such as this from Virgin phones, which will help keep victims and their children safe from domestic abuse."

Lisa Cogdell-Brown, Community Officer at Virgin Mobile said: "Virgin Mobile is pleased to be able to offer Warwickshire Police free mobile phones to support their valuable work with victims of domestic violence.

"It is an area that affects many people, from all walks of life, and this is a practical and straightforward way for Virgin Mobile to be involved and to help the local community. Following on from work with Wiltshire Police, we are making phone donations to all police forces across the country for the same purpose."

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