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Victims & Witnesses praise Criminal Justice System in Warwickshire

The Criminal Justice System (CJS) and the multi-agency Victim & Witness Information Partnership (VIP) have received high praise from victims and witnesses of crime in Warwickshire.

The latest satisfaction survey for the Quarter ending March 2008, commissioned by the Warwickshire Criminal Justice Board has shown the following results:

  • 74% of respondents were either very or fairly satisfied with their overall experience of the CJS and 87% felt this about the service they received from VIP. 
  • 80% were either very or fairly confident that the CJS in Warwickshire meets the needs of victims & witnesses and is effective in bringing people who commit crime to justice. 
  • 93% felt that VIP kept them fully informed about the progress of their case and 100% felt the information they received from VIP was sufficient for their needs.

These figures are significantly higher than those obtained by the British Crime Survey - which asks the same question to a random sample of people across Warwickshire. This would suggest that those with experience of the CJS in Warwickshire are more satisfied and confident than those who may not have first hand experience as a victim or witness.

One respondent said:

"VIP were great. If they weren't there I wouldn't have made it through my court case."

Another stated:

"Excellent service, very surprised by the level of information and how well I was kept informed.

Other comments reflected the level of support, quality of service and professionalism of the staff.

Warwickshire VIP is unique in its multi-agency approach to witness care and is the only Witness Care Unit in England and Wales to combine all criminal justice and support agencies under one roof.

Earl Chilton, Manager of the Warwickshire VIP said:

"I am really proud of my team. 

Our job is to support victims and witnesses once an offender has been charged with a crime. We ensure people are treated sensitively and kept informed of developments within their case and offer individually tailored support and advice to them at all stages in the process.

It is great to receive positive feedback and hear that we make a difference to the people we support."

ACC Bill Holland, Chair of the Warwickshire Criminal Justice Board said:

"Putting victims and witnesses at the heart of the CJS is a key priority for all of the criminal justice agencies in Warwickshire. Our colleagues at VIP are turning this priority into reality. 

Our justice system is dependent on the support of our communities to report crime and give evidence. VIP is helping to build this support."

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