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Domestic Abuse and the Local Area Agreement (LAA)

What are Local Area Agreements?

The term 'Local Area Agreement' (LAA) is the term for a contract between central government and localities to deliver the priorities of local people. It involves all partners in a locality agreeing to work together to find better solutions to local issues. The agreement is based on agreed outcomes and central government is intended to remove the bureaucracy around multiple funding streams and allow local freedom and flexibility.

LAAs operate over a 3 year time scale and involve negotiations with the regional Government Office acting on behalf of government as a whole. The LAA provides localities with a real opportunity to agree on outcomes and to pool resources whether these are derived locally, regionally or from central government.

Where does domestic abuse fit in?

Domestic abuse is recognised by all support agencies within Warwickshire, and the work of public bodies is governed through the Safer Communities block of the Warwickshire Local Area Agreement. 

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