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What if they are pregnant?

If you believe or know that your friend is pregnant, it is important that she seeks advice and support as soon as possible.

As uncomfortable as it may be to read, she may need to seek assistance to protect herself and her unborn child from the moment she discovers she is pregnant.

Research shows that during pregnancy, or straight after birth, domestic abuse can often become worse. It can also be the time when abuse first starts.

Before she was pregnant there was only her. Now, suddenly, she has to consider the rights of and risks to her unborn child.

Unfortunately, research also tells us that where there is domestic abuse there can very often also be child abuse.

There are support services and other organisations that can help and advise your friend if she is pregnant, many details of which can be obtained via her local GP, or midwife.

Remember - the safety of your friend, and her unborn child are paramount.

In an emergency, please don't hesitate to dial 999.

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