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Calling Warwickshire Police about sexual abuse - a walkthrough

Asking for help is your friend's first step towards changing their situation. Talking to someone can help them take back control of their life.

Throughout the process explained on this page, support services such as Warwickshire Domestic Violence Support Services and the independent sexual violence advocat will support your friend / family member throughout the whole process, from initial reporting to putting their life back together afterwards.

If your friend has been sexually abused, they should report it by calling the Warwickshire Police switchboard number on 01926 415000. If you believe your friend is at immediate risk dial 999.

Your friend / family member can also report the incident at the front desk of a police station. For privacy, if you or your friend explain to the receptionist that you are reporting a sensitive matter, you can request to be taken to a private area.

Because what you are reporting may involve a criminal offence, Warwickshire Police will record the incident, and take your friend's statement. Specially trained officers will be at hand to do this.

Warwickshire Police will look at whether your friend and their family are at any risk of harm and will determine the responses they put in place to help with their protection.

An investigation would also begin. 

Your friend will be offered a medical examination if they have suffered any injuries, both to make sure they are physically okay, but also to gather evidence.

Gathering evidence could include taking photographs and securing any physical evidence which will be carried out by trained professionals in a sensitive manor.  These will be kept in a safe place, in case they are needed for any future court proceedings.

Officers will also ask your friend if anyone else witnessed the abuse, as they too can provide evidence. If you have witnessed the abuse - any evidence you can provide would be essential to the safety of your friend / family member.

Warwickshire Police will then make enquiries to trace and arrest the person responsible.

All evidence gathered during the course of an investigation would then be put before the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), who will decide if there is enough to take the offence to court successfully.

Working together, the police and support services will also help your friend take control of their life and will help them to protect them self and their family from further abuse.

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