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Helpline: 0800 408 1552

Is there any help available for an abuser ?

Help is available from agencies - providing an abuser truly wants to change their behaviour - we want to help.

An abuser seeking help can be the first step to stopping abuse. Anyone can access services directly from our Service Directory or can be referred by a local GP.

If an abuser is truly wishing to change their behaviour - they may want to visit the Perpetrator section of this website for more information.

To access more information, you may want to click on one of the following questions:

Who can the abuser talk to?

There are a number of helplines, counselling services, support projects and group programmes for abusers. Details of these can be found within our Perpetrators section.

If the abuser chooses to attend a group programme or certain types of counselling, a worker from that service may try and make contact with you to offer you support.

What help is available for the abuser's children? 

The same help available for a victim's child is available for an abuser's child - as they are both affected by domestic violence and abuse. See our separate section on children affected by domestic abuse, by clicking here.

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